AIP Membership LevelsDoes ‘one size fit all’ ever fit anyone? We don’t think so. That’s why AIPMA doesn’t rely on a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to defining membership levels. At AIPMA, we like to offer our partners flexible support options that best meet their business needs. The style of membership you choose will determine our level of support and your corresponding commission levels.

While the following descriptions provide a basic overview of the levels of service offered by AIPMA, realize that each of our members are unique and have specialized plans specific to their business objectives. We have many partners who build a mixed level plan, utilizing facets of Level 1 for some products and opting for Level 2 services for others. Our technology ensures that we provide service the way you want it.

LEVEL 1 – Wholesale distributors looking for minimal service assistance

AIPMA’s Level 1 members enjoy more of a “background” approach to our services. This level of membership is reserved for those members who already have the staff and expertise in place to run their own full-scale FMO but need AIPMA’s assistance accessing certain product lines or carriers.

At this level of membership, AIPMA lets you run your business, and we simply operate in the background, providing you and your staff with any additional support you deem necessary. At this level, we will not contact, market to or communicate with your downline agents. We let you provide their back office support, answer their questions and you can even handle your own case management if you choose.

Level 1 members enjoy our highest compensation levels, but it requires you and your staff to do the majority of the back-end work.

LEVEL 2 – Wholesale distributors looking for full-scale service options

AIPMA’s Level 2 members enjoy a much more ‘hands-on’ approach, with a full range of AIPMA services at their disposal. At this level, members and their downline agents have full access to the entire AIPMA staff. In essence, we operate as your back office and help you support your agents.

From contracting, case management and marketing and sales support to proactive, outbound marketing campaigns, Level 2 members enjoy having a fully trained staff at their disposal to help them grow their business.

HYBRID LEVEL  – Personalized Membership Package

AIPMA realizes that each of our members are unique and have specialized needs specific to their business objectives.  That is why we often allow a member to choose a ‘mixed level’ membership, utilizing facets of both membership styles for varying products.  If a member is self-sufficient with one carrier or a particular product line, they can be Level 1 in the areas they are comfortable and choose Level 2 service for other carriers or product lines.

For example, an agency may feel it does not need any assistance with their life insurance business. However, that same agency may wish to increase their annuity production but does not have the expertise to promote annuities. In these situations, the member can choose Level 1 for their life insurance business and operate as a Level 2 member for annuity production, allowing AIPMA staff to promote annuity concepts to their downline and provide the needed back office support for all annuity related business.

AIP REGIONAL DIRECTOR – Wholesale distributors looking for a place to call home

Looking for a place you can truly call home? Look no further than the AIP Marketing Alliance Team.  AIP Regional Directors operate like a franchised extension of AIP in their own specialized regions. Regional Directors carry the ‘brand name’ of AIP, operating their own regional business, with all the back office support of AIPMA’s fully-trained staff and national offering of carriers behind them.

AIP assists its Regional Directors with recruiting events, sales ideas, marketing follow-up and case management. If you like to recruit and train agents but don’t want to deal with running a back office to support your agents, AIP’s Regional Director opportunity may be exactly what you are looking for. Very few marketing organizations offer local representation opportunities like this. It’s just another reason AIPMA is often considered a premier destination for IMOs looking for something different.


Not a wholesaler? Don’t want to be a distributor? Don’t worry; AIPMA offers the same world-class service opportunities to individual retail agents as we do to our top IMOs!  When you are a retail agent with AIPMA, you will be assigned your own personal Business Development Representative and, where applicable, receive support from one of our Regional Directors.

From there, our team will provide all the support you want and need to take your business to the next level. Whether you are simply looking for additional training opportunities or want back office support that is second to none, your AIPMA team is a true business partner because when you succeed, we succeed.

AIPMA is committed to your growth and doesn’t rely on a ‘one-product pitch’ to get you there. Sales concepts, marketing programs, developing a customer base, adding products and product lines to your portfolio – AIPMA can offer you the help you need to get you where you want to be.

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