Why AIP is DifferentLike most Independent Marketing Organizations (IMOs), AIPMA is focused on supporting agencies and individual retail agents of varying production levels and sizes from across the country. But unlike other IMOs, AIPMA doesn’t simply focus its attention on its top-tier producers and ignore the smaller guys.

Our customized technology and specialized tools allow us to provide smaller wholesalers and agents (who often have a hard time fitting in at the larger IMOs) the same world-class service we provide to our largest members.

That’s why AIPMA has developed a reputation as the premier destination for smaller agencies and agents who want to gain access to carriers, products, and service levels they wouldn’t receive anywhere else.

We are committed to helping you achieve the growth that you want. You don’t have to be big to work with us; you just need to have a desire to get there. At AIPMA, your growth is our commitment.

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