AIPMA is pleased to offer our members exclusive access to an extraordinary, custom-created agency management system that we call myAIP. We took the best features of our original e-link system and made them better, all while adding a ton of new resources that makes running your business easier than ever.

With myAIP, our members can now enjoy 24/7 access to all of their agent and downline data, all in real time. Access contact information, agent activity, licensing updates, pending and issued production information, even commission data wherever and whenever you need it.

myAIP’s carrier portal also offers members instant access to interest rates, state approvals, product guides, commission levels, even contact information for the various departments at each of our carriers. Everything you need to know, when you need to know it, is easily accessible from myAIP.

Best of all, myAIP can even think ahead for you! With your permission, myAIP can create and send you digital, customized reports that keep you up to date on all of your latest data without having to log in or even think about it! Now that’s an agency management system worth bragging about!

At AIPMA our business philosophy is simple. Your Growth is our Commitment.